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Keynote Speaker, Author and Agile Coach

I'm on a quest to help companies build highly motivated teams. This is my passion. I'm also the public speaker who sends out impulses, igniting energy in people.

Are you missing passion in your teams?

“Success is never because of the process but always about the people” – Marc Löffler

About me

I started as a software developer but was pushed into a traditional project manager role shortly after. Since the beginning, I became aware of, that it's not a perfect process bringing the best solutions but passionate teams. It doesn't matter how train wrecked your process is, if you have a team that has a real passion for the topic they are working on, they can achieve nearly anything. I've worked in many different organizations from large scale like Volkswagen, DHL or Siemens to small start-ups and used tools from lean, agile, management 3.0, co-active coaching and much more. What all of these tools have in common are the powerful principles behind them. Unfortunately, precisely these principles are often forgotten. I help teams discovering and living by these principles, instead of a dogmatic use of things like

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  • 2002 - Diploma in Computer Sience

  • 2008 - Certified Scrum Master

  • 2010 - Certified Scrum Professional

  • 2012 - Management 3.0 Trainer

  • 2016 - Certified Senior Project Manger (Level B - IPMA)

  • 2016 - Co-Active Coach

2002 - Volkswagen AG

Technical project manager for VW Supply Group web portal.

2005 - DHL Freight

Project manager for a pan european adaptive transportation network solution including rollout.

2006 - Siemens AG

Project manager for an distributed installation solution for the USPS.

2008 - EADS

Scrum Master and Agile Coach in a border control system project.

2010 - Bayrischer Rundfunk

Agile Coach for distributed teams building a new CMS.


Agile Coach a med-tech and highly regulated environment.


Leading a global and interdisciplinary team to create an portfolio of innovative produt ideas.

2015 -

Starting my own business, helping various companies to be agile.


In Improving Agile Retrospectives, leading agile coach/trainer Marc Loeffler combines practical guidance, proven practices, and innovative approaches for maximizing the value of retrospectives for your team—and your entire organization.


Companies I love working for

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Video: How to get a passionate team?

Watch my video below to learn how to become a passionate team.

  • It was a pleasure to work with Marc. He is a great coach, not only for agile methodologies but also for personal improvement.
    Robert Mißbach, Engineering Manager, HolidayCheck
  • He is a very powerful speaker. Good from the motivational aspect. After the presentation I felt like I have wings.
    Pawel Boguslawski, Attendee
  • Energizing! Interesting! Funny! Full of great hints!
  • I was very much inspired by Marc's presentation at the Scrumday Europe 2016.
    Koen van Buul, Scrum Master, BDO Nederland

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